Military Court Of Appeals

           The military court of appeals was established on 01.04.1998.

           The Court is composed of 9 judges and 15 court officials.

          Military courts deal with the lawsuits against crimes committed by: generals, officers, sergeants, and soldiers from Armed forces  and other ministries and departments; reservists at training, control or practical muster; civil staff in the Armed forces and  in the Ministry of Defense when fulfilling their duties or in the area of their workplace.

           The lawsuits ruled by the five military courts – in Sofia, Plovdiv, Sliven Pleven and Varna are heard as an appellate instance by the Military Court of Appeals and as a cassation instance by the Supreme Court of Cassation.

          By a resolution of the Supreme Judicial Council from May 19th, 2004, Lieutenant General Vesselin Slavov Pengezov was appointed Chief Judge of the Military Court of Appeals.

         The Chief Judge of the Military Court of Appeals is responsible for the general organizational and administrative guidance of the Court of Appeals and represents it; chairs the judiciary bodies of all departments, convenes and chairs the General Assembly and commissions judges under the terms of Article 72 of Judicial Authorities Law.

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